Online Flower Delivery: Factors Influencing Customer Decision

Online Flower Delivery industry in India is not new. For last 20 years, even before the e-commerce boom, online flower delivery has been registering its presence. Initially, the target was non-resident Indians. Now with the increased penetration of internet in hinterlands, the target has moved to domestic customers as well.
Flower Delivery in India
Each player in flower delivery industry trying to improve on its credentials and brand to attract more and more customers on its website. However, the important question is what the customer is looking for? The customer values different parameters to judge a company and finally place in order for flower delivery in India. Some of the important factors the influence the customer buying decision are as follows.

Variety of flower arrangements

Creating a flower arrangement is an art. It requires specific skills and training to prepare an exotic flower arrangement. The presence of a flower arrangement that can synchronize well with the emotions of the recipient influences the customer buying decisions

Type of Flowers

Several types of flowers are available. Roses, Gerbera, Carnations, Lilies, Orchids are high in demand in India. Each flower is available in several colours. Sometimes the customer is very particular about a type of flower arrangement. In such case variety of flowers listed on a website influences the decision.

Other Gifts Options

These days combination of flowers with cake and chocolates is in fashion. The customer not only wants to send the flowers but also the cake and chocolates with it. Flower and cake go well on occasion such as Birthday.

Customer Service

Before placing the order, the customer wants to speak with someone in person to get an assurance of on-time flower delivery. The effectiveness of customer service representative is very important factor in the decision making. A good customer service representative can also influence the purchase by upselling and cross-selling of the products.

Adherence to Delivery Time

Several customers look for fix time or urgent delivery. It is a mammoth task to meet the time commitment. The ability of the delivery team to get the quality products delivered at the given time consolidates the customer loyalty.

Once the order is successfully placed, then the customer looks for the execution, quality of the products and presentation. If everything meets the customer expectations, the customer spread the good words that in turn brings more customer. If the expectations are not met, bad words are spread. So, the team should always be upon its heels to meet the customer expectations.

Today, in India, several online players are providing online flower delivery service across India. Some of them have focused on pan India delivery while others have focused on a particular city.

For all India flower delivery, Lovenwishes is on top of the list. They strive to meet or beat the customer expectation by providing excellent customer service and quality products. They also deliver flowers and cakes at midnight in all the major cities in India. Their customer service team is excellent that is always ready to help the customer. A variety of flowers and cakes are available to choose from. Hence, in order to avoid confusion, the customer need to be extra careful.

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