Significance of Valentine’s Day Flowers

A Flower, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘bloom’ or ‘blossom’, is a reproductive structure, which is commonly found in plants. Valentine’s Day flowers express messages in the form of love, warmth and comfort. People use flowers to express themselves. They use flowers to create symbols and expressions.

The concept of sending and receiving flowers had initially begun with the advent of flower dictionaries. There are wide varieties of flowers, which deliver different meanings and messages. So, one should understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day flowers before placing online order. Some of most popular flowers and their meanings are listed below.


Roses are flowers, which usually comes in different types of colors. A red rose represents passionate love for your soul mate. It is an epitome of purity. A combination of red and white roses symbolizes unity between you and your life partner. Yellow rose signifies devotion. If your valentine presents you with a pink rose, it symbolizes a healthy friendship with your partner. So to express the healthy relationship, send roses on Valentine’s Day


If you are being gifted with a Calla Lilies, it means that your sweetheart is treating you as a royal and majestic person. If your soul mate offers you a stargazer lily, it means that you are an ambitious individual. Day Lilies signifies zest and enthusiasm. If you receive a Day lily from your partner, it means that your partner is portraying you as an enthusiastic individual. Casablanca Lilies symbolizes celebration. It instills a mood to party with your sweetheart. Hence, Lily is one of the most favorite Valentine’s Day flower for many.


Tulips are regarded as one of the favorites for most of the valentines. A white tulip represents forgiveness. If you receive a red tulip, it means that your life partner is declaring their sincere love towards you.  While, if your partner offers you a yellow tulip, it means they are deeply in love with you. A pink tulip symbolizes caring and affection.


One of the most popular and preferred Valentine’s Day flowers are orchids. It represents grace and beauty. An Iris represents inspiration. An individual usually offers it to his/her soul mate to stimulate an inspiration into their life. If you have received Gardenias, it means that you are sharing your joy and happiness with your sweetheart. Furthermore, sun flowers represents love and respect. So, if your receive a basket of sunflowers, it means that your partner is beginning to adore you.


Daisies symbolizes beauty and innocence. People exchange Gerbera Daisies to express their joy and happiness. While carnation flower signifies the beginning of new relationship with your soul mate. Hence, once should consider Gerbera for sending Valentine Day flowers.

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