Delicious Anniversary Cakes at Your Doorstep!

Anniversary is a date during which an event had took place or formation of new government and business establishments. It is usually observed to commemorate a particular event. Anniversary cakes are important for celebrations of the event.Anniversary Gifts

Most of the countries across the globe celebrate National anniversaries. The National anniversaries are sometimes referred to as ‘National Days’. Birthday anniversary, wedding anniversary and death anniversaries are the three major types of anniversaries which are commonly observed by the people around the world.

Meaning of Cake

Cake is a sweet desert. Most of the cakes share similar features to that of desserts like pastries, meringues, custards as well as pie. Flour, sugar, eggs, butter and oil along with a leavening agent named ‘margarine’ are some of the common ingredients to bake or prepare cakes.

In the cake one can add dried, candied, fruits, nuts and cocoa to create a rich taste. During the final stages, one can top the cakes with dessert sauces such as pastry cream along with marzipan.

Serving Anniversary Cake during events

People offer cake during major events such as birthday anniversary and wedding anniversary. Today, most of the bakeries and online stores deal in wide varieties of cakes such as butter cakes, sponge cakes, chiffon cakes and much more. Now let us discuss each type of cakes in detail.

Butter Cake

Prepare the Butter Cake using a combination of creamed butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Add baking powders like Victoria sponge to create a rich flavor.

Sponge Cake

Prepare sponge cake, or ‘Foam Cakes’ by using whipped eggs, flour and sugar. One of the unique features of Sponge cakes is that this is the only cake without yeast.

Angel Food Cake

An Angel Food Cake is a cake which makes use of the whites contained in the eggs. Use a tube pan to prepare the Angel Food Cake.

A Perfect dessert to cherish your anniversary

Anniversary Cakes are indisputably one of the top and suggested desserts to celebrate your anniversary. Today, most of the people commemorate their anniversary by serving anniversary cakes to their friends and relatives. Offering anniversary cakes is also one of the best ways to express your love and affection towards your loved ones.

People often purchase and order ready-made anniversary cakes via reliable online stores rather than visiting a nearby bakery. It is cost-effective when compared to the retail stores or bakeries. The customers do have the option to choose any types of cakes of their choice via online and place their orders.

If necessary, they can even customize the anniversary cakes according to their needs and requirements. They can add their personalize message or picture on the cake. Furthermore, if the customer is looking of any specific shape or flavor, they can place special instructions.

Once the customer places the order for online cake delivery, the online store ship the order to the customer’s door step within few hours. has launched a Mid-night cake delivery option where you can surprise your loved ones.