Vibrant and Subtle September Birth Flowers to Bring a Cheerful Smile on The Big Day!

Aster – A Star on The Earth!

When we try to find out the birth flowers for the month of September, we would first find Aster followed by Myosotis and maybe a few more. Aster sure is a sweet flower….then again glamorous??? Aster does not seem in the same coalition as other birth flowers like the rose or the lily. However, we can definitely accept a simple and humble flower to be a part of this league of birthday bouquets.

Aster, being the birth flower of September is a part of the family of daisies. This composite flower has a central core of tine flower heads that is surrounded by slender long petals. Aster is a wildflower and has more than six hundred species and the colors vary from red and orange to a lovely white. The popular color that aster is known for is the blueish purple. You could think of gifting varied colors of aster for birthdays.

As per the ancient Greeks, this flower was known to be with the Greek God, Astraea. She was very upset one night because there were very few stars in the sky. She began to cry and the tears fell on the ground and they turned into pretty star-shaped flowers which were later called aster. That means ‘star’ in Greek. This is another reason that aster is the best choice to send birthday flowers to India for your loved ones and make them feel like a star!

Myosotis – Don’t Forget Me!

Another flower for this month is Myosotis which is also called the ‘forget-me-nots’ flowers. Is there a special pattern for this month? Well, let’s dig deeper and try to discover more about the September birth flowers.

Here is a little something about the Myosotis, there is definitely no confused reclassifications here…what you have seen is what you will get with this amazing forget me not plant. Myosotis in ancient Greek rightly means mouse’s ears which refers to the leaf’s shape.

They may have such a name as they have a lovely habit of showing up in the garden when you least expect it. You would have even forgotten about it as the small seeds spread so easily around. The mesmerizing plant ‘forget me not’ is translated in English from the French term ‘ne moubliez pas’ which also means ‘don’t forget me ‘.

These flowers were introduced to other temperate parts around the world from native Europe. Many of their species are also from New Zealand. The meaning of flowers is their own language is remembrance. However, when flowers are given as thoughtful gifts, it also means love and faithfulness. This birthday gift would also symbolize endurance.

Gifting these alluring flowers to your loved ones who are born in September will touch their heart in a special way as you have made effort in giving them the birth flower of the month.

Morning Glory – Modest and Affectionate

Morning glories are also birth flowers for September. They are simple and symbolize true affection. People who are early risers can catch the lovely blooms opening up. These lovely flowers usually curl up and close during the evening.

Gifting these flowers to your loved ones who are born in September will touch their heart in a special way as you have made effort in giving them the birth flower of the month.

August Birth Flowers: Hand Over Feeling of Deep Love and Pleasure

Birthday has great significance in the life of many individuals. The celebrations and joy will be always there. But, sometimes people also wish to know the history of his or her birth month and day. Each month of the year is represented by a different flower. Those are known as the birthday flowers. We are going to mention the names of flowers meant for August month.

August Month Flowers

The Gladiolus

The Gladiolus
The Gladiolus

An individual with the birth month of August should be handed over the Gladiolus flower. This is also known as the sword lily. This normally grows from the symmetrical corns. These also have the envelopes of several layers. You can also observe the flower with narrow unbranched longitudinal grooved leaves. Those are also enclosed with sleeves.

History of Gladiolus

Until the mid of 1700’s, Gladiolus was just a strange flower for the people staying in the United States and Europe. It was solely a remarkable flower in Asia and Africa. But, recently, it has become very popular. Today, it has become one of the very well-known flowers to not only India but various parts of the World. These days people can easily get 26 species of the same flower.

The Symbolism of Gladiolus Flower

The Gladiolus is truly the flower for all those who are born in the month of August. But, there is some symbolism of this flower.         It represents a sign of infatuation, calmness & integrity. The experts also say, The Gladiolus also symbolizes a heart that is filled with love.

Characters of Gladiolus Flower

Gifting Gladiolus flower in the month of August has become a custom. The person wishing an individual with this flower on the day of his or her birthday will signify the following:

  • Integrity and faithfulness
  • Ambition and persistence
  • Strength in doing any work
  • Deep love and admiration

The Poppy

The Poppy
The Poppy

Another attractive flower for all those who have their birthday in the month of August is poppy. The plant from which this flower is grown is from the family of Papaveraceae. You can find this flower in different colors. Some of them are red, yellow, white purple.

Symbolism/meaning of The Poppy Flower

Each color of the poppy flower symbolizes different thing. Following are the types and meaning:

  • Red color- This signifies the moment of pleasure
  • Yellow poppy- The wishes the birthday boy or girl with wealth and success
  • White poppy- This is the color in poppy seeds that brings tremendous consolation to the birthday boy or girl.

Gifting Flowers on August

Today, people are invariably using flowers on any occasion. May it be the birthday, anniversary or simply a thank you day. If you are willing to hand over a flower bouquet to an individual who have his/ her birthday on August, just make a note of the type of flower that is meant for the month of August. The most popular birthday flowers for this month are the Gladiolus and poppy. You can order such a flower at flower gift stores. You can event get it online easily.


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Birthday Gifts

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Personalized Birthday Gift

As stated above, you need to select a gift as per the relationship that you share with the recipient. Only an online gift store will be able to provide you with all such options that are enough to express love and care from your end through multiple ranges of gifts that are available there. In case the recipient is fashionable then you may send beauty products, jewelry and much more. You can also go in for designer cakes that are enough to bring a huge smile to the recipient’s face. In case it is your mom, then you can send her some home décor items along with chocolates and flowers as a combo. These options are more than enough to surprise and make your mother happy. Always remember that every relationship here holds equal importance and thus the gift options need to be chosen wisely. In case the recipient has a sweet tooth then you may either send chocolates or a box of sweets as a birthday gift.

Since it is a birthday gift, do not forget to send a greeting card along with it since it adds a personal touch to the gift. In case this birthday gift here is for a spouse then you can send personalized items such as mugs, cushions, t-shirts, photo frames and cakes with a personalized photo too. This gesture of love and care is more than enough to express your feelings followed by appreciation in return. If you are stuck in a situation where you are unable to decide the present, then you can certainly go in for flower bouquets since they are the most graceful options that can ever be gifted. Each person here loves flowers in different colours and every colour here has a new meaning and message to convey to the recipient receiving it. Hence, it is advisable that you can certainly go in for this option since it is not only the most caring gift but also leaves a good impression on the person receiving it. So, think about the options well and then gift them.