Kiss Day Gifts to India for Romantic Valentine’s Day

Kiss Day Gifts

Have you ever heard how fondly people talk about their first kiss? Poets pen down this ecstasy, and writers overjoy in their proses to describe this unforgettable precious moment. Rupert Brooke said, a kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out years. It is a gesture that allows us to tell the significant how ardently we admire and love them. However, you can add to the significance of the day by sending romantic Kiss Day gifts to India.

Every year on the seventh day of Valentine’s Day week, a lover wakes up to kiss their partner good morning, friends give a quick peck on the cheeks, and kids express their love to their parents. When they are not together, they send Kiss Day gifts to India for their partner.

Observer the Romantic Day by Sending Kiss Day Gifts to India

If there is anything in the world that is sweeter than sugar is the kiss. No wonder we have an official day dated to celebrate each other. We celebrate the day on February 13. Valentines Day follows Kiss Day on 14th February. By sending gifts to India, they observe the romantic day of the year.

There are great ways to celebrate Kiss Day. Each kiss symbolizes a connection.

Kiss on a Cheek to tell you are always there

A gentle kiss on a cheek means a whole world of affection. It means your close one likes and respects you. It is a way of telling how fondly your partner or friend is enchanted by you. Regardless of physical attraction, it is an array of feelings expressing support. It creates a stronger bond with your loved ones.

Kiss on the forehead to convey faith

Kissing on the forehead is the most warmful expression. The symbol of trust cherishes two people with each other. It is the most meaningful of all the kisses. Similarly, it is a signature kiss of pure love and trust.

Respectful Kiss on Hand

The first thought which reminds us of kissing on the hand is how we greet queen and royals. It is tender that indicates courtesy and respect. Therefore, this subtle gentlemanly kiss expresses how much your partner respects you like a lady.

Hushed Eskimo Kiss

The gesture between a parent and a child is an example of a pure Eskimo Kiss. The tradition started in Canada. In the freezing weather, people covered up everything except their eyes and nose. Therefore to express affection, they rubbed their nose to the nose of their loved one. It is a sign of friendliness, devotion, and love.

Blow them a kiss

As a child, the first kiss which we loved expressing was the blow kiss. It is the sweetest of all that depicts the innocence of childhood. Perhaps the best in the pandemic situation where your partner is miles away. Hence, it is the cutest sign of affection.

Kiss Day Gifts to India

In case if you are living far away from your loved ones, do not dishearten. You could always send these beautiful messages pinned with their favorite flowers, cake, and chocolates with Lovenwishes. We help you send Valentine’s Day gifts to India. Therefore, you can visit our website and place an online order to send Kiss Day gifts to India and Valentine’s Day Flowers to India.

Romantic Quotes for Kiss Day

My eyes are eager to see you my ears are eager to hear you. But my lips are eager to kiss you a lot. I miss you, sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day.

If I got a chance to show love, then I would kiss you every hour, minute, every second and never let you go. That’s how much I love you, sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day.

If you think of me today. Just remember all the kisses we shared. All those passionate moments where I told you how lucky I’m to have you. Happy Kiss Day.

Do you remember our first kiss? I still cannot stop thinking about it. I miss you love. Happy Kiss Day.

Let our lips do all the talking today. Happy Kiss Day to you!

Unlock Life with New Year Flowers to India

New Year Flowers

It is hard to believe that we all got through the year 2020. We grew in ways we never thought possible. Everyone found peace within the quarantine time we spent in our rooms. We have discovered the magic of having family around us after these many years. Many of us reconnected to our friends with whom we lost touch because we had to tie a knot with our hectic working life. Flowers have helped us connect with family and friends. To unlock life, plan to send New Year flowers to India.

New Year Gifts

This year added an unexpected sense of gratitude within us. For once, we all stood numb by our window to take a peek of nature, give a call to our lost friendships, and relish the ingredients which we already had in our kitchen. Followed by it, we all agreed on a thought, look around the life is beautiful.

As we march towards celebrating New Year 2021, which marks the new beginnings, we have curated a list of New Year gifts to India. Yes, it is time to be grateful to your friends and loved ones sitting miles away yet never failed to lift you even on the hard days of the year 2020. 

Let us begin a thoughtful online New Year flowers and gifts hunt.

Deliver New Year Flowers

Everybody deserves New Year flowers on their doorsteps while checking their mailbox in the morning. In addition, they are wild and beautiful. When a flower blooms, so do hope, and the first day of the new year should be hopeful for happiness, peace, and prosperity. 

Flowers subtly deliver deep emotions. Deliver New Year flowers online to your love. We have got all the favorites. Ask us for Pink Oriental Lilies we have it. Oh! You want them in white as Dove, do not worry, we will deliver them right away.  Visit our website to explore and send New Year Flowers to India.

New Year Gifts to India

Are you meaning to say thanks to an old friend for always being by your side? With a joyful heart, put a start to this new year by sending sweets to your friend. Similarly, a chocolate hamper including New Year gifts to India would take your friend back to school days when you together tossed the chocolate bars in your mouth (Sash! In secret) while the teacher continued her lecture on the class board. It is an excellent way to show them you care and miss them. You can send New Year flowers along with chocolates to express your love.

Wish a Fruitful New Year

Work from home has parted us from our office buddies. The conversations over a cup of tea with a coworker have turned into monotonous Google Meetings. Hence, wish your colleague 12 months of success and appraisals by sending a combination of a fruit basket and box of dry fruits with New Year flowers to India.

Unlock life in 2021 with New Year Flowers in India

Time goes by too fast, but what always stays close to your heart are memories. Therefore send your partner a personalized photo frame to tell how amazing your life is to have them in it. A personalized gift is the best way of expressing the way you feel. It is thoughtful. New Year Flowers to India helps unlock life in 2021 and brings backs the happiness and sweet memories in life.

Hence, bring happiness and joy to your loved one’s lives by delivering New Year flowers and gifts to India online.

Get the Best New Year Gifts in India

New Year Roses

Are you looking to send New Year gifts to your near and dear ones? In that case, there are lots of different options available to you. These days finding good and attractive gifts have become easy as there are so many options available online. You can find the best quality items, and we deliver the New Year gifts to virtually every corner of the country.

If you are looking for one such online store, in that case, all you need to do is to run a search over the internet. You will receive a lot of information.

A recent survey has shown that when it comes to purchasing gift items, people prefer online stores. Not only because they sell at a discounted rate, but also because they have a wide range of collections

New Year Gifts in India – Variety of Options

When it comes to sending New Year gifts to Indiathey need to be significant. Thankfully, there are multiple different options available for you. Here are a couple of gift items which you can opt for

New Year Cakes

Cakes are popular options as far as New Year gifts are concerned. There are many options available as far as cakes are concerned, they are available in a different size. If you want a New Year cake delivery in India at a particular time, we will take care of the delivery.

New Year Flowers

Do you wish to send fresh flowers for your loved ones? We have plenty of New Year flowers in India. All you need to do is to place your order, and our delivery boys will deliver flowers in India at the doorsteps.

New Year Gifts

There is a wide range of different options available when it comes to gift items. You can opt for show-pieces, small presents, and various other things. There are different types of gift items available these days, and you can get the best quality item at a discounted rate.


Gifting a watch to someone on New Year can be symbolic. When it comes to a wristwatch, the options available to you are unlimited. There are thousands of different types of watches that you can buy online. They are available in a wide range of different designs and are also available at a fairly reasonable price.

Electronic Items

There are different types of electronic items that are available such as trimmer or shaver for men, hairdryer for women, and other kinds. These days these items are available at a reasonable price.

Apart from these, there are plenty of different options available to you as far as Newyear Gifts are concerned. The internet would be the perfect option for you. These gifts are available in the best quality items, and at the same time, they are available at a discounted rate.

Besides, you have multiple different options that you can choose and order to send gifts to India. Just select your gift item and place the order. We will deliver the New Year gifts in India on time.

What kind of New Year Gifts are available in India?

On our website, you can find gifts such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, dry fruits, and fresh fruits. An assortment of different gifts is available on our website. You can order online to send the New Year Gifts to India

What is the delivery time for New Year gifts in India?

Our team processes the order as soon as we receive the online order. Based on the delivery date that you provide while placing the order, the New Year gifts will deliver in India.

Which city do you deliver the New Year Gifts

We deliver the New Year gifts in all 400+ cities in India. You can send gifts to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and other cities in India.

Is it safe to send New Year Gifts to India

Yes, we have safe and secure payment options to help you place your online order. We do not abuse the privacy of our customers. We follow all the social distancing norms.

Awesome Anniversary Gifts For Memorable Moments

Anniversaey Gifts

Anniversaries should be cherished and recalled fondly for years later. Thus it is the anniversary gifts that make these treasured moments very special. What can be given to your spouse or partner to make him or her feel special? Some fantastic anniversary gift ideas can do wonders for your relationship and make it very memorable in the forthcoming years.

Send Anniversary Gifts to India

The wedding vows are treasured. Anniversaries are great occasions to renew these promises, thus strengthening your relationship. Sending Anniversary Gifts to India for your partner with something unique is a great idea to capture your moments of togetherness forever. Take a look at some of the exciting Anniversary Gifts in India.

Alarm Clock with Card

A personalized wedding album capturing the moments of your courtship, marriage, special moments like having kids up to the present moment with a golden cover is ideal for gifting your spouse. You can have a special message engraved to make the gift even more special. Flipping through the pages of the wedding albums can make your anniversary special.

Wedding Albums

When you are seeking a picture-perfect present for the anniversary, an alarm clock with the perfect photo of you and a personalized message is one of the favorite anniversary gift ideas. You can even present with a greeting card.

Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolates are one of the best anniversary gifts for any occasion and particularly for anniversaries. If you wish to send your spouse a fantastic present for your anniversary, browse online for a chocolate gift box with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Similarly, you can even throw in a stuffed toy or a teddy bear to go with it.

A Spa Self-Pampering

Getting your wife an appointment at her favorite spa for an all-day of message and pampering can be one of the most relaxing anniversary gift ideas. Your wife or girlfriend will appreciate these anniversary gifts and hence cherishing them forever.

Diamond Pendants for Fewer Prices

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friends. So, economical diamond pendants would make great anniversary gifts for your lady. The diamond pendant is one of the best anniversary gift ideas.

There are all kinds of great options in these diamond pendants. Similarly, there are three stone and diamond heart-shaped pendants which serve as fantastic presents.

Reasons for Sending Anniversary Gifts to India

There are reasons galore for giving gifts on anniversaries. It cements the bond of love and respect between you and your partner. If the magic in your relationship is fading out and you need a fast antidote to revive the charm. Therefore, you can visit the cyberspace portal. Order to send anniversary gifts to India that you can consider providing on your anniversary.

Hence, it is not just about the presents but the occasions which make the whole memories very special and cherished. Choosing the most appropriate kind of anniversary gifts is what is going to make your anniversary memorable.

Order to Send Anniversary Gifts

Thus we can safely say that anniversaries are the best times to cement and renew your marital vows and spend some quality time together. A good gift is a symbol of the time and cares the other person has for you. Therefore, it is the thought behind the anniversary gift that counts.

There are lots of cyberspace portals that provide excellent options for glancing at the attractive and assorted options of these kinds of anniversary gifts in India. It is a great idea to make your dear one feel special and loved on this memorable occasion.

How to send Anniversary Gifts to India

You can visit the Anniversary gifts section on our website and select the best gift for your partner.

Can I send Anniversary Gift at Midnight

We have midnight gift delivery services in all the major cities in India. You can select the gift of your choice and opt for the midnight gift delivery option. Your order to send gifts to India will arrive at the destination around midnight

Can I order for same day gifts delivery in India on anniversary

We have the same day gifts delivery option for more than 400 cities in India. Therefore, if you place your order in the morning, it will reach the recipient’s address the same day.

Which cities in India can I send gifts on Anniversary

You can send gifts to celebrate the anniversary to more than 500 cities, towns, and villages in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Vizag, Trivandrum, and Goa are some of the important cities in India where we have online gifts delivery service. Therefore you can freely place your order for gifts delivery in India

Send Cakes to India by Using Innovative Recipes

All kinds of occasions and parties necessitate the presence of every type of mouth-watering cakes and pastries. Whenever you plan a birthday party or an anniversary party, a cake of your favorite flavor is a must, be it chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Many people send cakes for their loved ones Today even the black forest cake has also become a rage. No matter if you live away or abroad from your home country, with online delivery facilities, it will be no trouble at all if you wish to send cakes to India.

Yummy Recipes For Black Forest Cake

When you say the word black forest cake, there are mouth-watering choices galore. Even a single black forest cake has so many fascinatingly delicious categories. You can consider them before you bake and send cakes. Skim through the rest of the article. You can review some of the posts on how to bake and send cakes to India.

One very unique type of dessert would be the cream cheese black forest cake, which melts in your mouth. The ingredients and directions are provided below for this delightfully delicious dessert.

Ingredients and components for cream cheese black forest cake

  1. A dozen cookies of chocolate sandwich which has a cream filling
  2. A couple of eggs
    Half a cup of cream that is whipped and thawed
  3. you will need to have cocoa powder filled with one-third of a cup
  4. Take white sugar and fill three-fourths of a cup with it.
  5. Softened white cream that is 16 oz in quantity
  6. cherry pie filling of 21 oz
  7. vanilla extract of one teaspoon

How to bake before you send cakes

  1. First of all, take the above portion of the chocolate sandwich cookies apart. These are ground finely and set apart. In the rest of the cookie portions, you can place the cream filling in muffin cups with aluminum foil.
  2. The next step is to place the cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, and cream cheese in the mixing bowl and merge it finely using an electric.
  3. Shake the eggs well and drop both of them in the finely smooth mixture.
  4. Now put the cake mixture in the muffin cups. The top of the cakes is powdered with the cookie crumbs to make it look and taste delicious.
  5. Set the temperate of the oven at 325 F and bake the cake for twenty-five minutes.
  6. After the cake has cooled, you can place the cherry pie filling on top.
  7. You can make the finishing touches with the leftover sprinkles of cookie crumbs and whipped cream.

More on How to Bake and Send Cakes to India

This kind of cream cheese black forest cake is a very delightful dessert and is a perfect gift if you want to send cakes to celebrate the birthday. Even if the person wants to know more about the kinds of black forest cakes, there are so many of them to check out. There is the black forest layer cake, and then there is the chocolate cherry black forest pancake. All the ingredients are simple, and the cakes are delightfully easy to bake. Moreover, with online delivery options, you can easily send cakes to India.

Learn how to bake and send cakes on Birthday

Apart from the black forest cake, there is also an exotic white forest cake, which can serve as a delicious treat for someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, or get-together. You can learn how to bake a delicious birthday cake before your place request to send cakes. A variety of cakes are available. The other types of cakes include strawberry cake, pineapple cheesecake, milk cake, fruit cake, and many more. If people are vegetarian, there are options for egg-less cakes as well. You can browse the internet websites for more on the cakes and delicacies which make your mouth water.

How to bake a black forest cake?

The article talks about a recipie of a delicious black forest cake. You can try the recipie at home. If you find any issue, you can call us and discuss the recipie with our experts in detail.

How to send cakes on birthday?

You can either bake a cake at home and deliver it to the address using online cake delivery options. Altrnatively, you can order to send cakes to India using online website such as Lovenwishes

How to bake and send cakes to India

You can bake the cake by following the recipie given above. If you want to deliver a cake in India, you can visit our website and select the best cake for your loved ones and place online order.

Deliver Flowers Online with Ease

Flowers are a fresh way to bring a smile on anyone’s face It makes the day for the person who receives it. We all love to be surprised and flowers are the best way to do so. There are many types of flowers that are available in the market and each one has a preference when it comes to flowers. So, if you have been running haywire to find the right set of flowers for your beloved or loved ones, then it is time you take a pause. With the advent in technology, we at have managed to get you all sorts of flowers at your fingertips. It is a simple yet effective way to say you care. All you need to do is find us online and search for your favorite flowers to be delivered at your doorstep. Yes, this is what we do to make your day more meaningful.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are available in different types of arrangements and it is very easy to find them online. We have a long list of available flowers which can be arranged in a beautiful manner for your gifting purposes. All you need to do is choose them online by viewing the images. The flowers would be received in the exact same manner so that it does not ruin the surprise. Also, the flowers would be fresh as they should be. This is possible with our widespread vendors across the country. The nearest vendor is selected for the delivery based on the address and this makes us deliver fresh flowers always. This is the best part of an online flower delivery.

Theme Based Designs

If you are looking for a flower delivery for a party or an event, then you can completely rely on us. We have an amazing range of flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, orchids and more which could be designed in any way that you like. It is the best way to make a great decoration for a theme-based party. You can also order online flower delivery so that the surprise stays as is and the person receiving the flowers gets floored completely.

Types of Flower and Bouquets

These days, it is more important to think out of the box. You can look at the many hampers available which would not only have your favorite flowers but also some goodies such as chocolates, soft toys, greeting cards, accessories and other gifts along with cakes. You can look at all such things to make it a great surprise for the person receiving the flowers. All this and much more is easily available on our website. All you need to do is look at your requirements and find them online. Make sure that you enter all the details correctly so that the package goes on time and to the right address. Also, the payments can be made online to complete the transaction and concentrate more on the reaction of the person receiving it. So, visit our website and make the most of the services.

Cakes For Every Occasion

Cakes are an important part of every celebration. These are not only limited to birthdays and anniversaries. Every occasion or festival includes a pack of this tasty treat to lift up the mood as well as the calorie count.

These delicious items that are symbolic of all events come in various sizes and shapes. Whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian ones, cakes can be found in every form. What would make someone’s day special is, a cake customized just for them, or their photo printed on the cake or their favorite name, which is only called by them, written on the top of it.

The Diversity of Baked Love

Cakes come in various sizes, shape and in a lot of flavors. There may be cakes with only one layer or with multiple layers. The flavors may include many delicious tastes such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch etc. They may even come in a combo of flavors and the toppings may include sprinkles of Chocó chips, nuts and other tasty edibles.

There are a lot of options for the customization of cakes too. The customization may include the printing of the image of the one for whom it is to be baked. One can also choose the number of layers and type of flavors to be used in the making of the cake according to their budget.

The Gift of The Eleventh Hour

Cakes are also the best idea for a gift during emergencies. Suppose it’s your anniversary and you are like most men who forget about such occasions and you remember it at your way home. Now you wonder what to get for your wife in such a short time and are in a great dilemma. You can always head on towards a bakery at such situations. Just get a cake with a message of your love and save yourself from the embarrassment in front of your ife, also making the holy bond stronger.

Save The Day with Cakes

They can also be your savior for the day. When your loved one is a little upset with you, you can send them cakes flavored with their favorite taste, ornamenting them with their favorite toppings. You can also print the image of your loved ones on the cake and dedicate a ‘sorry’ poem on a card which would be so tempting that they cannot refuse your offer and you get their forgiveness.

Get Cake Delivered at Your Doorstep

There is no issue if you are not in the same town or country as your loved one on the day of the occasion. Our online cake delivery services offering cake delivery services that could help your love reach your friends and family. We help you send cakes on every occasion. Love n wishes offer services for delivery of cakes at midnight so that you can celebrate the birthday of your friend/roommate/flatmate/ loved ones by cutting the cake exactly when the clock strikes 12 in the night.

Top Shopping Tips That Can Save Money

Shopping Tips
Shopping Tips

More than 90% of people now shop online. Convenience is the biggest factor besides the ability to bank upon the lowest deal. Price saving, comfort and convenience factor are the major reasons for shopping online. The internet has made shopping a pleasant, user-friendly and a cost-effective experience undoubtedly. But, you got to know how to shop in a safe, secure and less expensive manner. This section will acquaint you with the same.

Consumers now turn to online shopping sites for there are many good reasons. Google and PayPal are the largest online marketplaces to double to more than 650 billion pounds. This has attracted the attention of cybercriminals who do their best to exploit the online shoppers looking for convenience and affordability by shopping online. Here are the ways to shop online and carry out safe and secure shopping.

Look For Trusted And Reliable Brands

There are a lot many fraud companies online that cheat the online shoppers. You should stick to trustworthy brands, reputed companies and shop from them. Reputed brands offer quality products and superior price rates.

Well-established names and brands instill more confidence in the shoppers.

Use Credit Card To Make Payments

When you shop online, credit cards give more protection than the debit card. This is so because the credit card is not linked to your funds. Apart from this, in credit card, there is a limit to the payment you make, if by chance the information gets stolen. PayPal is the most secured online payment service option that you can choose.

Look For URL With ‘Https://’

HTTPS is a safety protocol developed by Netscape to keep your information secured. It may be that you find ‘https’ in the URL but the padlock is missing. If that is the case, you need to proceed with caution.

Don’t Be Tempted By Attractive Deals And Discount Offers

At times you come across such deals and offer that sound too good to be true. Don’t jump on the offer which is unbelievable.

It is rare to get a discount of 80% on a commodity. Even if the company assures you this, the quality of the product may be very cheap. Don’t be hooked up with a too tempting offer as that may be a scam. The perpetrators might be looking to access your device or infect it rather.

Use Only Mobile Phone Network To Shop Online

Avoid using public Wi-Fi when you are shopping online. You may be tempted to use public Wi-Fi when in the hotel or restaurant. That is fair enough. But, when you shop online, use your mobile network only. Most hotspots are extremely insecure to cause data stealing.

Save Money By Shopping Online- Here Are The Trick

  • Compare the price of the product among different websites
  • use gift vouchers instead of hard cash to make payment
  • set up ‘deal alerts’ to get notified on deals and discount offer from the chosen company
  • always shop by using a cashback site
  • shop during weekends when the company is up with sale offer

You must keep a track of price reduction or price drop. Try and install AdBlock in order to avoid impulsive shopping. There are plenty of other ways to safe, secured and cost-effective shopping.



Bhai Dooj – A Very Special Day For Brothers

We all know that Bhaidooj is a very special day for brothers and sisters. It is that one day during Diwali that celebrates the bond that a brother and sister share. This is the occasion when every brother and every sister wants to give special gifts to their siblings. Naturally, these gifts have to be special which the brother or the sister will cherish to have.

Are you planning to send bhai dooj gifts to India than here are 12 special gifts that you must consider?

  1. Every girl loves flowers. So, one of the best gifts that you can give her on the occasion of Bhaidooj is flowers. Remember that this is a special occasion. Instead of opting for an ordinary bunch of flowers go for special flower arrangements in exotic vases.
  2. Traditional attire is something that no Indian girl can resist. So on the occasion of this big festival, you can opt for a special silk saree or you may also opt for a special salwar kameez.
  3. No Indian festival is complete without sweets. Bhaidooj is the right occasion to enjoy special Indian sweets. So, one can select a tin of gulab jamuns or ras gullas. It will also be a good idea to opt for other Indian sweets like motichur ladoos or soan papdi or kaju katli.
  4. If you want to give your sister something really special and budget is not a constraint then how about some jewellery? It can be a dainty necklace or special studs or any other piece of jewellery.
  5. Health is wealth. On this festive occasion, you can opt for a basket for fresh fruits for your health-conscious brothers. It can be an assorted basket which has apples, peaches and other wonderful fresh fruits.
  6. If you believe in gifting only the best things then it is a good idea to select a box of assorted dry fruits like cashews, walnuts, raisins and almonds.
  7. One more gift that is today a part of our culture is a box of chocolates. It will be a good idea to give a big basket of wonderful chocolates to your dear brother or sister.
  8. If you have a little lad or damsel as your brother or sister then you can opt for a cute little soft toy like a teddy bear as a gift. The tiny tots are surely going to love it.
  9. Cakes are no longer meant only for birthdays and anniversaries. You can send special bhaidooj cakes. Opt for some special cakes like picture cakes or designer cakes.
  10. Gifting a watch or any other electronic gadget like a tablet is also a good gift option. Of course, the budget needs to be considered.
  11. Artifacts like idols of Laxmi or Ganesha or Nataraja are also a very good gift option.
  12. You can also think about sending pooja thalis or diyas or any other such traditional things as gifts to your dear sister on the occasion of bhaidooj.

So, just check your budget and order the best gift from the best online store.

Diwali Is Much More Than A Festival of India

India being a versatile country has lots of festivals. These festivals are celebrated by people across the country. Diwali is one of them and probably the most loved and popular one. Not only people within the geographical confinement celebrate this “festival of light” but people outside the country too cheerfully celebrate Diwali.

Diwali is the festival of lights, sweets and prayer. On this auspicious occasion, people pray Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha who are gods of wealth and happiness. After prayers, people light diyas (earthen lamp) and candles at home and put them in the courtyard and on doors. The Rangoli is being made in front of doors and house gates with the help of colors, different flowers and even with organic things like rice and flour. Gifts are being exchanged by the people. Diwali is being celebrated for three days across the country. On the first day, the day of Dhanterasha (day of wealth), people purchase anything for their house. It could be utensils, silver coins, electronic items or furniture. Gifts are also being purchased for relatives, friends and family, which are presented on Diwali day (the third day). The people feel extremely happy to visit each other house and present them gifts and sweets. This Diwali if you also want to send any Diwali gifts to India then you can choose and send from multiples of gifs options present at this site.

Diwali in India is not merely a festival which comes every year for the people, but it has the cultural and religious significance in the lives of people. Diwali symbolizes the win of truth over evil, the completion of 14 years of Lord Rama Vanvasa and the celebration of light over dark. According to Hindu Mythology Diwali is celebrated when the people of Ayodhya celebrated the return of Rama, Mata Sita and Laxmana by lighting small earthen lamps and eliminating the darkness. Lord Rama had returned to his kingdom after defeating Ravana and killing not only the evil, but also propagating the message of truth and bravery. Overall, this day holds a major significance for the people of India and that is why gifts are exchanged and celebration is being made.

Crackers are an important part of Diwali celebration and decoration of the house is another must-to-do-thing by the Indians. Huge money is spent on these two things and this day is made memorable for them (people) and guests. House decoration is done on a priority basis to welcome guests and for that different and variety of decorating things are purchased. You can also send Diwali gifts to India and be a part of this auspicious occasion. Diwali gifts are a medium to reach out to your loved ones and show them your compassion, happiness and gratitude for being a part of the family. This Diwali people living in India and outside India will again wait for Diwali festival and will remember the win of truth over evil and celebrates the victory of Lord Rama.

Navaratri – Stories & Significance of Each Day

Navaratri is one of the most auspicious festivals among the Hindus and is celebrated in autumn. Though there can be four seasonal Navaratri in the twelve months of the year, the Sharada Navaratri celebrated in the autumn is the most celebrated. The celebration occurs in the Shukla Paksha (the bright half of the lunar calendar starting from the new moon to the full moon) of Ashwin. This means in the Gregorian calendar it could be sometime between the months of September and October.

What Is The Significance Of Navaratri?

The word ‘Navaratri’ is formed by the conjunction of ‘nava’ with ‘ratri’. ‘Nava’ means nine while ‘ratri’ means ‘night’. This means that the festival is spread over 9 nights and 10 days. It is among the most sacred Hindu festivals where the different forms of Goddess Durga or Shakti is worshipped. She represents the energy of the universe.

Lord Rama Praying to Goddess Durga

According to legend, Lord Rama had prayed to Goddess Durga for 9 days to seek blessings to kill Ravana. He was killed on the 10th day and is known as Dusshera. It was the day when the 10-headed Ravana was killed in battle.

Killing of Mahishasura

Mahishasura is one of the fiercest demons. Through severe penance, he had obtained a boon that he cannot die in the hands of a male, thus underestimating the power of the female form. He started wreaking havoc in his arrogance. Durga is a beautiful form of Shakti who promised to marry Mahishasura if he defeated her in a battle. After a battle that lasted for 9 days, Durga killed Mahishasura. This is the reason why the 10th day is also called Vijayadashmi or the day of the victory.

What is The Significance of Each Day?

Each day is associated with an Avatar of Goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura as she battled him over the nine days. This also celebrates the victory of the Good over Evil.

  1. Day 1 – Shailaputri – Shailaputri (or Daughter of the Mountain), is the form where she is worshipped as the consort of Lord Shiva and is sometimes said to be a direct incarnation of Goddess Kali. The day is called Pratipada.
  2. Day 2 – Brahmacharini – This form represents emancipation and prosperity where she took the form of Parvati. This day is known as Dwitiya.
  3. Day 3 – Chandraghanta – On the day of Tritiya, her forehead was adorned with the half-lit moon, symbolising beauty and bravery.
  4. Day 4 – Kushmunda – She is believed to have been the creator of the universe and is worshipped on Chaturthi. She has eight arms and sits atop a tiger.
  5. Day 5 – Skandmata – She is the worshipped as the mother of Kartikeya (or Skand). She symbolises the strength of the mother.
  6. Day 6 – Katyayani – This is one of the most violent forms as she is known as the warrior goddess. She is symbolized by the colour Orange.
  7. Day 7 – Kalratri – This is the most ferocious form of Goddess Durga, where she removed her fair skin to battle two demons, Sumbh and Nisumbh.
  8. Day 8 – Mahaguri – The symbolism is of peace and intelligence and also represents optimism.
  9. Day 9 – Sidhidatri – People pray to her on the last day of the festival.

How is The Festival Celebrated?

The festival is celebrated in different forms according to the regional practices. While in South India, it is known as Golu, the people of East India celebrate Durga Puja. The dance festival Garba is celebrated at this time in the western parts. The North celebrates the victory of King Rama over the demon Ravana which is known as Ramlila.Navaratri

Express Yourself Better with Flowers That Speak For You!

An adage says, “What words can’t, flowers can”. This is a profound truth because flowers are expressive of the feeling you hold for the person you are gifting it to. A bouquet of fresh flowers well-arranged can bring a smile on face of that special person in your life whom you want to gift sheer happiness. Flowers do tend to wither but the emotional value it carries with it makes people preserve it for long as a symbol of love that the sender has displayed with it. If you live in a place away from India or possible abroad then there are various occasions when you need to send flowers to India. There are a host of sellers who transport and deliver flowers according to the order placed online. With such availability of flowers, making your nearest and dearest ones feel special isn’t a big deal anymore.

Flowers Suit Any Purpose

Whether you want to grieve for a loss or celebrate any auspicious or important event, flowers with their natural glow and beauty make sure that they fill the environment with appropriate colors and bring about warmth in the scene. If your presence is being missed them flowers online and the people shall love the gift and it is a symbol that you care for them and distance doesn’t matter as the flowers are symbolic of your presence in the place.

The Brilliance of Colors

Without flowers, the world would look so dull and lifeless. The plants would only be green, various insects and butterflies would have no place to sit through the day. The beauty of nature is enhanced by the presence of flowers. It adds glow and colors to nature and makes it peaceful.

India is the place that is full of hustle-bustle and if you are planning to send flowers to India then rest assured that the person you are sending the flowers to will be delighted because it will add colors and give a peaceful feeling to them. Flowers never fail to work and have kept adding sparks to various forms of relationships throughout the ages!

Bespoke Flower Bouquets and Valentines day

A bouquet of red rose for your lady love during the much awaited Valentines Day can bring a wave of happiness and add spark to your relationship. Every person wants to get pampered and such gestures can really put a smile to someone’s face and make the day special for them. Sellers in India understand the requirement of clients better these days and hence have a wide category of flower arrangement waiting to be delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones just on your order.

Your words can damage any relationship, whereas flowers have this amazing power to rekindle the love between two people no matter how ugly a spat they have had. Your affection gets appropriate reflection through flowers and at the same time also reflects the beauty of the other person who is receiving the flowers. Spread the love with colorful flower arrangements and make your dearest ones feel special!

Durga Puja Gift – What Ideas Can Be Considered for Gifting?

Durga Puja
Durga Puja

Winters are now nearing in and so is the festival of Durga Puja also coming in. Durga Puja like any other festival is accepted by many people belonging to different religions. It is a festival that is commonly celebrated with enthusiasm and zest followed by exchanging gifts with each other. In case you wish to send your near and dear ones a special gift then you can look for the best ideas for Durga Puja gifts to India. Do not worry in case you are lacking with certain gift ideas then you are visiting the right site that will give you brilliant gift ideas in return. Since it is termed to be a day where the supreme power needs to be enjoyed, the gift here also needs to something that is relevant to it.

Gifting Ideas for Durga Puja

In case you start looking online, you will certainly get confused with the number of things that can be picked as Durga Puja gifts. So, on one of the suggestions that you might like to consider is to go in for spiritual gifts that are meant only for this festival. Some of the spiritual items that you can gift are

  • Durga Idol
  • Durga Brass idol
  • Silver Coated Puja thali
  • Chunri
  • Tikkas
  • Mata ka Shringar

These items here are not only termed to be religious but also come in the category of spiritual gifts too. This is indeed a memorable one for all friends and family out there. So, by giving out these unique gifts, your friends and dear family members are certainly going to enjoy every bit of it.

Some More Gift Ideas

So, all you finally need to do is to get in touch with businesses around you that offer such uniqueness in the Puja items. Bengalis here as stated use a lot of Kul had during their meals and drinks. They just love to remain in touch with the natural things around them, especially the older people. They just like to serve everything in it such as tea, rasgulla, and Misti dahi. You will be surprised to see that even these Kulhads are decorated well so that it can be easily gifted as puja items for your near and dear ones. These kulhads here are mostly decorated with stones, painted in various colors and much more that not only give it a vibrant look but also much more. All you need to do here is to ensure that the ones which are safely colored are only purchased.

So, begin this season with decoration all around you and generously clean your house. Not only this you can go online today and look for elegant Durga Puja gifts. This is certainly a mega festival that needs to be celebrated with much enthusiasm and fun. All you must do is to decorate every Puja pandal there with a themed floral decoration that marks all the rituals and customs for uniqueness found in this culture.

Vibrant and Subtle September Birth Flowers to Bring a Cheerful Smile on The Big Day!

Aster – A Star on The Earth!

When we try to find out the birth flowers for the month of September, we would first find Aster followed by Myosotis and maybe a few more. Aster sure is a sweet flower….then again glamorous??? Aster does not seem in the same coalition as other birth flowers like the rose or the lily. However, we can definitely accept a simple and humble flower to be a part of this league of birthday bouquets.

Aster, being the birth flower of September is a part of the family of daisies. This composite flower has a central core of tine flower heads that is surrounded by slender long petals. Aster is a wildflower and has more than six hundred species and the colors vary from red and orange to a lovely white. The popular color that aster is known for is the blueish purple. You could think of gifting varied colors of aster for birthdays.

As per the ancient Greeks, this flower was known to be with the Greek God, Astraea. She was very upset one night because there were very few stars in the sky. She began to cry and the tears fell on the ground and they turned into pretty star-shaped flowers which were later called aster. That means ‘star’ in Greek. This is another reason that aster is the best choice to send birthday flowers to India for your loved ones and make them feel like a star!

Myosotis – Don’t Forget Me!

Another flower for this month is Myosotis which is also called the ‘forget-me-nots’ flowers. Is there a special pattern for this month? Well, let’s dig deeper and try to discover more about the September birth flowers.

Here is a little something about the Myosotis, there is definitely no confused reclassifications here…what you have seen is what you will get with this amazing forget me not plant. Myosotis in ancient Greek rightly means mouse’s ears which refers to the leaf’s shape.

They may have such a name as they have a lovely habit of showing up in the garden when you least expect it. You would have even forgotten about it as the small seeds spread so easily around. The mesmerizing plant ‘forget me not’ is translated in English from the French term ‘ne moubliez pas’ which also means ‘don’t forget me ‘.

These flowers were introduced to other temperate parts around the world from native Europe. Many of their species are also from New Zealand. The meaning of flowers is their own language is remembrance. However, when flowers are given as thoughtful gifts, it also means love and faithfulness. This birthday gift would also symbolize endurance.

Gifting these alluring flowers to your loved ones who are born in September will touch their heart in a special way as you have made effort in giving them the birth flower of the month.

Morning Glory – Modest and Affectionate

Morning glories are also birth flowers for September. They are simple and symbolize true affection. People who are early risers can catch the lovely blooms opening up. These lovely flowers usually curl up and close during the evening.

Gifting these flowers to your loved ones who are born in September will touch their heart in a special way as you have made effort in giving them the birth flower of the month.

Gift These Top Traditional Sargi Gift Options for Your Daughter-in-law!

Sargi here is considered to be a part of the Karva Chauth where married women get assorted gifts by their mother-in-law in the early morning. This Sargi here comprises of delicious food and sweets which is basically loved by the daughter-in-law. She is said to have this right before sunrise and also before the fasting of Karva Chauth starts. However, the current trend being followed here is that mother-in-law’s now also included Indian Clothes and Jewelry in the Sargi too.

It is believed that married women here are supposed to dress-up in the most gorgeous and elegant looking traditional Indian clothes and Indian jewelry for the same. Hence, items related for a proper make-over are also included in the Sargi nowadays since a married woman needs to look magnificent on that particular day.

Look Out For Some Other Sargi Options:

Many of the people are now changing their perspective towards the gifting options as they personally feel that the world is changing today and so the traditional and old customs need to also change. Look at the options mentioned below and these options will definitely help everyone looking out for various Sargi gifts.

  • Offer her a Statue of God:
    Lord Ganesh here is considered to be that one person who blesses people with joy, prosperity and good luck. On this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, a statue of him can be gifted so that all the blessings of Ganesh fall on her. Apart from this, other options of elegant statues of various Gods and Goddesses can also be given in any form such as wooden, ceramic, glass, stone or any other composition. This all depends on the type of option you wish to go in for.
  • Personal care gifts or other options
    Along with such traditional items, you can also try adding some other items related to personal care such as cosmetics and other products. You can try adding in excellent personal care gift hampers for this occasion that may include a wide range of cosmetic products such as eye-liners, Kajal, foundation creams or powders and many other options. These are the right products that are just perfect to begin their day in a fantastic way.
  • Traditional Sweets
    You can also make this occasion a memorable one by adding in her favorite choice of mouth-watering chocolates and sweets in it.
    Many of the traditional sweets that can be included in this are Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Pedas, Soan Papdi and much more. You also now get to select these options online and send it to her especially if she is staying in another place. You can also try adding few dry fruits which in turn are a healthy dose and the perfect gift hamper that you can try giving to your daughter-in-law’s with a blend of health in it.

Gift these top traditional sargi gifts to your daughter-in-law on the occasion of Karwa Chauth and make this possible for them even if they are staying at any other location by including such items in it.

Wonderful Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Everyone

Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Every year your anniversary is the best time to rekindle your love and celebrate the bond and remind each other how much your special relationship means to you. No matter if you were longtime sweethearts, just fell in love suddenly one day or other people made arrangements for you to meet each other; the most important thing is that on this special day you tied the knot and promised to spend the rest of your life together.
Every year, when the wedding anniversary draws closer; husbands and wives start planning for a celebration that would be different from the earlier years. Some like to plan for romantic dinners, some love traveling to memorable destinations and most of the couples plan for surprises gifts for each other. As the number of years keeps rolling, couples often run out of ideas. Always planning for something which no one has ever thought about could be just a fairytale idea. Here are a few convenient yet unique ways to make your wedding anniversary celebration memorable this time.

Say It with Flowers But Aadd a Twist

The idea of gifting flowers may seem too mundane, but women all around the world love receiving surprise flower bouquets. Place an order for something new this year. Don’t choose her favourite flowers because that can become too obvious. Pick a sophisticated and elegant bouquet with some bows or hearts, a chocolate bouquet, a fruits bouquet or something unusual and do not forget to add a personal note! If your partner is fond of plants and pets, another wonderful gift option is to choose plants that are in full bloom.>

Surprise Her with A Midnight Celebration

A celebration does not always mean inviting loads of guests and spending too much on decoration. Plan for a surprise midnight celebration which involves only the two of you. Place an order for a cake, flower bouquets and anything else that she likes. Light up the place with candles to make it romantic and you can instruct the cake delivery guys to ring the bell only after midnight! Don’t you think that will sweep her off her feet and make her extremely happy?

Buy Your Partner Something That He/She has Wanted for Long

Women and men both have dreams of buying “something, someday”. If you know what is that thing is, which your partner always wanted to buy; you can surprise him/her by placing an order for that highly desired thing. It can be a perfume, jewelry, a gadget, a watch, some clothing or just anything that you know will surely make your partner extremely happy!

Shower Your Partner with Chocolates

If your partner is too fond of chocolate, make his/her day special by hiding chocolates everywhere in the house, where you think he/she is most likely to find them. Place your partner’s favorite chocolates in the drawers, dining table, kitchen counter, inside the closet, behind a cushion, inside the laptop bag or any other place that you can think of. Discovering these sweet treats one at a time from the most unlikely places is sure to perk up the mood!
Leave some hidden handwritten love notes inside the lunch box or under the pillow along with small gifts to make the special day even more lovey-dovey!

August Birth Flowers: Hand Over Feeling of Deep Love and Pleasure

Birthday has great significance in the life of many individuals. The celebrations and joy will be always there. But, sometimes people also wish to know the history of his or her birth month and day. Each month of the year is represented by a different flower. Those are known as the birthday flowers. We are going to mention the names of flowers meant for August month.

August Month Flowers

The Gladiolus

The Gladiolus
The Gladiolus

An individual with the birth month of August should be handed over the Gladiolus flower. This is also known as the sword lily. This normally grows from the symmetrical corns. These also have the envelopes of several layers. You can also observe the flower with narrow unbranched longitudinal grooved leaves. Those are also enclosed with sleeves.

History of Gladiolus

Until the mid of 1700’s, Gladiolus was just a strange flower for the people staying in the United States and Europe. It was solely a remarkable flower in Asia and Africa. But, recently, it has become very popular. Today, it has become one of the very well-known flowers to not only India but various parts of the World. These days people can easily get 26 species of the same flower.

The Symbolism of Gladiolus Flower

The Gladiolus is truly the flower for all those who are born in the month of August. But, there is some symbolism of this flower.         It represents a sign of infatuation, calmness & integrity. The experts also say, The Gladiolus also symbolizes a heart that is filled with love.

Characters of Gladiolus Flower

Gifting Gladiolus flower in the month of August has become a custom. The person wishing an individual with this flower on the day of his or her birthday will signify the following:

  • Integrity and faithfulness
  • Ambition and persistence
  • Strength in doing any work
  • Deep love and admiration

The Poppy

The Poppy
The Poppy

Another attractive flower for all those who have their birthday in the month of August is poppy. The plant from which this flower is grown is from the family of Papaveraceae. You can find this flower in different colors. Some of them are red, yellow, white purple.

Symbolism/meaning of The Poppy Flower

Each color of the poppy flower symbolizes different thing. Following are the types and meaning:

  • Red color- This signifies the moment of pleasure
  • Yellow poppy- The wishes the birthday boy or girl with wealth and success
  • White poppy- This is the color in poppy seeds that brings tremendous consolation to the birthday boy or girl.

Gifting Flowers on August

Today, people are invariably using flowers on any occasion. May it be the birthday, anniversary or simply a thank you day. If you are willing to hand over a flower bouquet to an individual who have his/ her birthday on August, just make a note of the type of flower that is meant for the month of August. The most popular birthday flowers for this month are the Gladiolus and poppy. You can order such a flower at flower gift stores. You can event get it online easily.


All You Need to About the Zodiac Sign – Virgo

virgo sy

Among the twelve astrological signs, Virgo’s are the second largest constellation out there. People who are born in the period between 23rd August and 23rd September are considered to be Virgos. A Virgo is quite a unique being and when someone is born between this time span they will be having some features in their behavior which are unlike any other. Some of the most famous celebrities including actors, singers, sportsmen, etc are Virgos, for example, Michael Jackson.

Virgo Zodiac Signs, Date and More

Symbol Maiden
Date Range 23 August – 23 September
Element Earth
Lucky Days Mondays, Thursday and Wednesday
Lucky Color Green, Orange, Grey, Yellow and White
Lucky Stones Yellow Sapphire
Ruling Planet Mercury
Lucky Numbers 5, 2, 6
Hindi Name कन्या

There are certain strength points in a Virgo. Virgo’s are considered to be extremely smart and make the most use of common sense. Most of the women who are born in the time span of August to September have emerged to be some of the most successful business women. Virgo’s offer commitment and finish a task no matter what. They are also capable of taking massive challenges and hardly brag about their talents as they are unbelievably modest. With the strengths, there are certain weaknesses of a person who is a Virgo. They often suffer from excessive anxiety and over-thinking. Along with that, they turn out to be quite shy and have to develop their willpower to get rid of the shyness. Virgo’s are quite passionate about making their loved ones feel special and sometimes too much care takes the negative turn and they end up being the protagonists in someone’s story.

A Virgo woman or a man would typically be an animal lover and will be willing to keep themselves and their environment clean at all times. They always go for the good choices when it comes to food and admire the beauty of nature as well. This is one of the reasons why a lot of Virgo women choose wildlife photography as a major career choice.

If you have a friend who is a Virgo and has the above traits in their behavior, then it is almost time you reward them for their generosity. August is here and soon September is gonna arrive. So, you should be thinking about gift ideas to make the Virgo in your life feel special. The choice of gift will generally depend on whether that Virgo is a boy or a girl. If it’s a guy, then gifts such as briefcases, hanging shelves, etc can be some good gift choices. Virgo’s have always been avid readers and gifting a hanging shelve where books can be kept might just make them feel special. On the other hand, if it’s a girl, then a necklace or a plant might be great. Virgo’s have always been nature-lovers and gifting a nice small plant, that can be kept in the study or on the computer desk can be great. Apart from these certain other gift ideas for Virgos are,

  • Cutting board for kitchen
  • Flat zipper bags for women
  • A trendy-looking journal
  • A cosmetic kit.

Visit an Online Store for an Exclusive Range of Birthday Gifts Today!

Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are special for everyone because of the birthday gifts that they get in return. Any birthday gift here is special but a good gift turns out to be more special here. So, all you need to do is to just visit any online store and look for birthday gifts, cards or flowers in case you are having a busy schedule. Another benefit that you get is that you can add a personalized message to each of these gifts. You also get to choose the bouquet with flowers of your choice along with any added gift as a combo. Looking at the advancements made in technology today, you also now get a chance to send personalized birthday gifts. This, in turn, is not only easy but it also helps you to save time, energy and money equally.

Interesting and unique ideas for a perfect birthday!

Personalized Birthday Gift

As stated above, you need to select a gift as per the relationship that you share with the recipient. Only an online gift store will be able to provide you with all such options that are enough to express love and care from your end through multiple ranges of gifts that are available there. In case the recipient is fashionable then you may send beauty products, jewelry and much more. You can also go in for designer cakes that are enough to bring a huge smile to the recipient’s face. In case it is your mom, then you can send her some home décor items along with chocolates and flowers as a combo. These options are more than enough to surprise and make your mother happy. Always remember that every relationship here holds equal importance and thus the gift options need to be chosen wisely. In case the recipient has a sweet tooth then you may either send chocolates or a box of sweets as a birthday gift.

Since it is a birthday gift, do not forget to send a greeting card along with it since it adds a personal touch to the gift. In case this birthday gift here is for a spouse then you can send personalized items such as mugs, cushions, t-shirts, photo frames and cakes with a personalized photo too. This gesture of love and care is more than enough to express your feelings followed by appreciation in return. If you are stuck in a situation where you are unable to decide the present, then you can certainly go in for flower bouquets since they are the most graceful options that can ever be gifted. Each person here loves flowers in different colours and every colour here has a new meaning and message to convey to the recipient receiving it. Hence, it is advisable that you can certainly go in for this option since it is not only the most caring gift but also leaves a good impression on the person receiving it. So, think about the options well and then gift them.

Independence Day : History and its Relevance Today

Independence Day

Independence Day in India is celebrated throughout the Country religiously on 15th August each year, and holds remarkable ground in the national day’s listings, as it reminds people of India about its dawn of new beginning, it is the beginning of a period of deliverance from the clutches of the British colonialism of over 200 years. On the 15th of August 1947 India got declared independent from the British colonialism, so the reins were handed to the Country’s leaders. Gaining independence in India was a rendezvous with destiny because freedom struggle was a very long and wearisome one, and witnessing sacrifices of several freedom fighters of India, who sacrificed their lives just to gain freedom.

15 August 2018

Independence Day in India is celebrated by people from across India on 15th August 2018. India will be celebrating 72nd Independence Day in 2018 and will pay honor to the Indian freedom fighters that contributed so much and fought for India’s Independence.

Celebration of Independence Day

Independence Day in India is celebrated as the National holiday all over the country. It’s observed each year in all Indian states and territories with high enthusiasm. The Indian President gives his speech on Independence Day. It’s celebrated with huge passion in the Capital of the country on August 15th where the prime minister hoists the flag on Red Fort in Delhi. National Anthem is sung and 21 gunshots are then fired to honor and salute the solemn occasion.

Independence Day

Symbol of Independence Day of India

Kite flying sport of India symbolizes Independence Day. The sky becomes alive with numerous kites (flown from the rooftops) of different shapes, sizes, shades, and styles. Some get tricolor symbolizes flag. Another symbol of the Independence Day is Red Fort of Delhi, where the first Prime Minister of India, Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru, unfolded the flag on August 15th in 1947. Independence Day in India is celebrated to remember the freedom from British era in 1947. August 15th is a rebirth day of India. It’s a day when Britishers had to leave India and gave away the country back to its leaders. It’s the most important day in Indian history and celebrated each year with huge enthusiasm by Indian people.
What’s so special about 72nd Independence Day in India 2018
Its Plastic Ban.

As per Media,

The government of India has banned the use and production of the Polythene bags of above 50 microns that came into force on 15th July 2018 and followed by the ban of plastic and thermocol products like glasses, cups, and plates with effect from August 15th, 2018. Even all disposable poly bags are totally banned for the usage with an effect from October 2nd, 2018 on Gandhi Jayanti. It’s is a very good initiative this year on Independence Day by Government of India for protecting our Mother Nature and cleaning all water bodies and Rivers. Lately, the Government of India has realized the perils of usage of plastic bags and damage it can cause to the health of people and animals and our environment.

A Fresh Flower for Every Occasion

In this age of global communications and real-time exchanges, the world has become a much smaller place. There is no distance great enough to keep loved ones from being in touch with each other. Communications and logistics have reached that stage today where one just has to wish for something and the magical genies (read service providers) are ready to run their errands.
Gone are the days of postal communication or sending parcels which took a number of days, sometimes months, to reach the loved one. Nowadays, a simple call or click does the magic and parcels, cakes, flowers or even perishable items are delivered directly to the doorstep.flowersOwing to jobs and studies people have to travel or shift to entirely new cities, thousands of miles away from their families. What happens when there is a special day to celebrate? Video calls and face timing are fine but sharing something special, some bond of physical love, is also necessary. Sending cards, gifts, cakes or something as delicate as flowers is possible today. Online flower delivery in India is the new trend that has made the option of making someone happy even in a remote location. A bunch of fresh flowers has the power to light up a face or brighten up a gloomy day. Especially on a birthday or anniversary, or even just to express some love.

Make Occasion Memorable with Flowers

The biggest selling point of this kind of service is midnight delivery wherein the service providers send the flowers just on the stroke of midnight. Suppose there is a surprise birthday celebration or anniversary- online flowers delivery system totally makes it possible to provide doorstep delivery on any day and at any time. This is also great news for the forgetful ones! If one forgets a special date and wishes to make up for it, simply placing an order for online flowers delivery would save the day. Same day orders are meted out with special care and supervision under any weather conditions too. Special care is taken to ensure that the freshness and colour of the flowers remain intact.

Everybody loves getting flowers. Whether a single rose or fresh cut orchids- online flower delivery system has all the options. Seasonal flowers, orchids, simple roses or even exotic flowers and ferns, everything is available to choose from. One can also choose to add a personal note or a little gift hamper with it. The online portals that monitor these services also provide real-time information about tracking the shipment and delivery schedules.

The New Age of Flowers Delivery

The New age of Online Flower Delivery
Our country has come a long way from the days of writing telegrams and inland letters that took months to get delivered or even had the scope of getting lost.

With the onset of the internet, online delivery services have gained popularity and momentum as more and more people tend to rely on these service providers greatly even if they have to send something within the city limits.  Reliable Flower delivery is a boon of the modern communication system and no doubt the system is becoming more advanced with the passage of time.

Tales of Raksha Bandhan From History

Tales of Raksha Bandhan

Indians might not have introduced Mother’s Day or Daughter’s Day but it surely has realized the special bond between a brother and her sister. We proudly call it Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan. This is regarded as one of the most auspicious days where the sister ties an amulet or a rakhi around her brother’s wrist. This signifies the promise between the two of them that the brother will always protect the sister under any circumstances. In return, the sister prays for her brother’s well being and good fortune.

There are a number of stories recorded in the history that signifies the true meaning of Raksha Bandhan.

  • One of them goes back to the time when Alexander The Great invaded India. His wife Roxana sent a rakhi to the King Porus and a promise that he would protect her and her husband. The king promised the same. Later on the battlefield, when he was about to kill Alexander, he saw the rakhi that was tied on his wrist and refrained himself from killing him.
  • Another story goes when Queen Karnavati of Chittor had to defend herself against Bahadur Shah. When she had no other option left, she sent a rakhi and a letter to King Humayun who immediately came to her rescue.
  • This beautiful bond doesn’t leave Indian Mythology as well. During Mahabharat, when Krishna had his finger bruised, Draupati, the wife of the pandavas torned a piece of cloth from her saree and immediately covered the wound. This incident is often regarded as the reason as to why during the cheerharan, Krishna saved her dignity.
  • When Lord Vishnu won the battle against the three worlds from the demon King Bali, he was asked by him to stay in the palace. Lord Vishnu agreed to this but his wife Goddess Lakshmi wanted him to return to his place. For the same, she tied a rakhi around the wrist of King Bali and made him her brother. On asking for a gift in return by him, Goddess Lakshmi asked him to let Lord Vishnu stay at his own place. King Bali couldn’t refuse this and he let Lord Vishnu go.

There are indeed so many stories that signify the importance of this festival yet the charm of the same is gradually fading away. With more advancement in technology, people prefer to wish each other on a video call or send a fancy message. They do not realize the importance of such events.

Professional commitments at times do not permit the siblings to celebrate this day together. Yet there are some people who still celebrate the festival with specialized rakhi gifts with the same charm and happiness. It is indeed a special event for the family since it signifies the bond between the siblings which slowly are deteriorating and who knows can just be a holiday for us in the future.

When is Rakhi in 2021

Raksha Bandhan 2018

Raksha Bandhan 2021

22 August 2021, Sunday

According to Hindu Calendar Rakhi, (Raksha Bandhan) takes place on a full moon day of Shravan (August) month. Therefore the date when we celebrate Rakhi may vary every year. Hence this year (2021), it occurs on 22 August 2021.

What is subh muhurat time for Rakhi in 2021?

Muhurat for Raksha Bandhan Ceremony06:15 am to 05:31 pm
The total duration of the Rakhi ceremony 11 hours 16 minutes
Muhurat for aprahan time Rakhi ceremony01:42 pm to 04:18 pm
Raksha Bandhan Bhadra end time06:15 am
Raksha Bandhan Bhadra Punchha02:19 am to 03:27 am
Raksha Bandhan Bhadra Mukha03:27 am to 05:19 am
Purnima Tithi Begins07:00 pm on 21 August 2021
Purnima Tithi Ends05:31 pm on 22 August 2021
The muhurat time for Raksha Bandhan in 2021

Raksha Bandhan dates for the next eight years

202211 AugustThursday
202330 AugustWednesday
202419 AugustMonday
20259 AugustSaturday
202628 AugustFriday
202717 AugustTuesday
20285 AugustSaturday
202923 AugustThursday
Dates for Rakhi Celebration in India for year 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

How to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan

On the festival of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a sacred cotton thread on the wrist of their brothers. After that, the sister prays for the long life of the bother and his family. In addition, the sister visits the house of the brother and spend time with him and his family.

However, different regions in India celebrate Raksha Bandhan differently. Therefore, in some communities, the eldest woman of the family gets ready in the morning. After that, she puts gold on the walls of their house. Similarly, she worships the gold with vermicelli dessert, Kheer, and sweets. After that, she sticks the cotton thread with the help of the sweets dishes on the gold.

Similarly, some people sow wheat on Nagpanchami. After tying the thread on their wrists, they put the plants on their ears. Similarly, some people observe fast on this day. Hence they celebrate the Raksha Bandhan by following the Vedic rituals. Therefore, they perform Pitru Tarpan and Rishi Tarpan with their family members.

How to send Rakhi to India

In conclusion, it is easy to send Rakhi to India. Hence, you can place online order to send Rakhi to India through Therefore the website has listed a variety of fancy rakhi with gifts. Hence you can select your favorite Rakha Bandhan gift and order to send Rakhi gifts to India

Top Reasons to Send Gifts Online to Your Loved Ones

Gifts Delivery

Everyone wants to receive gifts and feel special. No matter how old we become, we are always children at heart. We still cherish childhood days and the memories attached to it, partially because those days were the happiest. This is so because we were pampered with gifts and love from elders. In the current society, people take time off from their busy schedule and order gifts online. This is done to wish our near and dear ones a ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Anniversary’, ‘Get Well Soon’, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, etc. If you want to surprise someone in India, you may choose an online store to send gifts to India.

An online gift store will offer you plenty of options in gifts like flowers, cakes, sweets, style accessories, personalized gifts, perfumes and many such. Such versatility and variety in gifts you can never find in an offline store. Similar to this, there are several reasons for sending gifts online to India.

Make your celebrations and festivals more special

By sending a beautiful gift to your loved on the festive season, you can make the celebration even more special. If you want to party and are in the mood to celebrate with your loved one staying overseas, you can send a surprise gift to him or her. There are chocolate hampers, sweets hampers, beauty hampers that may be sent across. Indeed, an online gift store also gives a chance to deliver a living gift, that is, the plant. You can send Lucky Bamboo to him and wish him luck. He may be your brother, spouse, friend or anyone. If it is the birthday of someone, you can send your birthday wish in a special manner by sending delicious cake and a birthday card. The receiver can’t help but feel grateful to you right from the heart.

Online Shopping Sites are Laden with Various Gifts

There are hundreds of websites laden with special gifts that may be delivered to the one residing in India. Presently, online gift stores display a variety of gifts meant for various occasions of life. You can bestow special gifts and make any of the happy occasions happier. Most websites serve you in the best possible manner with midnight gift delivery service, same day delivery, and next day gift delivery service.

How to Send Gift to India?

You need not do much to place an order for the gift. Just visit the website of a reliable gift store and browse through the items. Add the desired items to the cart and proceed to checkout. You can enter the date and timing when you want it to be delivered. To send a gift to India, you need not move to a physical store. You may buy wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts from an online store. In fact, an online store offers a lot of convenience in gift delivery.
From the above reasons, it is clear how very convenient and easy it is to deliver gift items to India. So, be ready to receive a ‘Thank You’ call from the receiver. Sending a gift online is a money-saving and time-saving affair.

Top 4 Occasions to Send Cakes Online to Make it Special

Top 4 Occasions to Send Cakes Online to make it special

Cakes are the most failsafe and delightful gift that may be given on various occasions. A foodie soul gets tempted by cake no matter what the occasion. The layer of spongy cake triggers the foodie soul within a loved one and gets his mouth watery. To send cake to India, you can take up cake delivery in India.

Indian culture is traditional but now the culture has embraced novel approaches for gifting. The gifting trend changes from gifting rose bouquet and garland to offering sweets and cakes. In most festivals and occasions, gifts are given to the near and dear ones. Choose Strawberry Cake, Butterscotch Cake, Black Forest likewise White Forest cake and send it anywhere across India. You can now send cake to India on any of the happy occasions of life. Indians can place orders for cake and send it on top 4 special occasions given in the section.

Send Cake to India on Birthday

There was a time when people used to celebrate birthdays with Kheer and sweets but trends are changing. You cannot imagine a birthday without lip smacking and scrumptious cake. The popularity of cake delivery has so much increased that online stores now come with designer cakes, new flavors of cakes to perk up online gifting network. With an online store, you can find an innumerable variety of cakes like buttercream cakes, photo cakes, themed cakes, drippy and delicious number cakes featuring floral designs.

With the advent of the internet and online cake stores, so there is no need to move to an online cake delivery store for ordering cakes. A popular online store will have a wide variety of fresh cakes. Online stores ensure hassle-free and swift cake delivery service. So, what are you waiting for? You can buy the best tempting cake from one of the stores in breeze easy manner.

Cake Gift to wish ‘Happy Anniversary”

Is it the anniversary of your parents? A wedding anniversary is nostalgic while a wedding is always special. To bring back the memories of the past and to delight the couple on their marriage anniversary or even more, you may gift a designer cake. Quintessential flavors of cake for such happy occasion are chocolate, strawberry, red velvet and fresh fruit version. Send delicious anniversary cakes topped with beautiful sugar roses, designer fondant patterns and similar.

Cakes on the Occasion of the Wedding

So, if two people are tying the knot, it is time to celebrate. The best wedding gift can be scrumptious and lip-smacking delicious cake. It is sure to bring a smile to the face of the receiver. You may buy a tiered cake, multiple layered cakes to surprise the receiver similarly you can buy a delicious cake decorated with fondant or trimmed with floral wreaths. Choose soft colors or pastel shade if buying a cake as a wedding gift.

Valentine’s Day: the Perfect Occasion to Gift a Cake

If you want your ladylove to smile on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, use special valentine cakes. The sweet relationship you share with the loved one will become sweeter when you send a delicious cake to her.

To buy an amazing cake, browse through the website of an online cake shop. You will find cakes in huge varieties that can surely become the center of attraction.

A Deeper Insight Into Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts
A mother will always remain a special part of their children’s life. The hype for Mother’s Day shows this. Whenever it is around the corner, many stores will start filling up with physical visits as well as online inquiries. Most of them will be looking for the perfect gifts for their mothers.

However, just like any other shopping, shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is not as easy as it sounds on paper. One needs to look at a number of factors which determine the suitability of the gifts one settles for. The following is an outline of useful tips that will help find ideal gifts to present or send as Mother’s Day Gifts To India and other parts of the world.

Fulfil Her Long Time Desire

Most of the children are close to their moms. This gives one the advantage of knowing what she is in need of lately. For instance, one could think of the upgrade she has been planning for her kitchen, the renovation she has been dreaming of for her house. Think along those lines in order to find what she has been yearning for lately. This would work as a timely surprise for her.

Be Ahead Of Time

Everything works well if handled in good time. This kind of shopping is no exception. Make a point to start the search early. This will give one ample time to compare different offers in the market. Comparing such offers leaves one with the ability to make a proper judgment before settling for a particular gift. It also gives one the advantage of having some insights on the current offers being given by particular stores.

Mother’s Day Gifts Delivery Terms

For those people who may not make it spend this special day with their mother, they have the option to send Mother’s Day Gifts To India or wherever their mother is. For this section of people, delivery of the gift is as important as the purchase itself. On should settle for a store with which they are comfortable with the delivery terms and conditions. Confirm important details such as the locations covered in the delivery plan, the shipping costs as well as the time of delivery. These ones go a long way to ensure that delivery is successful and timely.


Being a special day for mother, it is the best day to remind them of how much they are loved and cherished. Make sure that through the gift, love and appreciation is communicated. They may never say it but mothers will always love it when their children remind them how much they love them. One could go the extra mile to attach a handwritten card with a message of love to mom. This will work well. Your mother will appreciate it.

Most importantly, get her a gift that relates to her taste and preferences. She will love it more. Furthermore, one will be sure that she will use the gift immediately since it can relate well to her preferences.

How to Select Reliable and Economical Flower Delivery in India

Best Flower Delivery
When the question is about the online flower delivery, then one should look for the best option. Several online florists are available but to find the most reliable is challenging. The online flower delivery service should not only deliver the best quality flowers but also be economical and trusted. The online flower delivery should have the innovative flower arrangements, a variety of flowers, availability of fresh flowers, economical prices and proven track record for on-time flower delivery.

In case you have a friend or near and dear one, who resides at a different part of the country, then you should look for best online flower delivery service. You can search for the company who can deliver the flowers in the location. But among all the option who is the best flower delivery? This question puzzles all, who want to buy flowers online. If you read through the following options, you can easily decide the flower delivery service for you.

Variety of Flower Arrangements and Flowers

Availability of a variety of flower arrangements is the most important factor due to following reasons.

First of all the availability of flowers give you more options to choose from. You can go through different type of flowers: roses, gerberas, carnations, lilies, and orchids. This gives you the option to select your favorite and lucky color. You can select the size of the arrangement based on a number of flowers it has. The shape of arrangement is also important.

Secondly, availability of options is also an indication of the reliability of the online florist. The florist, who have more options, would have a better understanding of flowers. The company will also be able to deliver the flowers of your choice in India

Best Flowers in Best Price

Flowers are agricultural products. A variety of qualities are available for each flower in the market. Each quality has significant cost differential. At the same time, the price is always an important factor. The online florist should reasonable charge for its products and services.

The price of flowers like other agricultural commodities fluctuates on daily basis. The trusted florist should be able to insulate the end customer from daily fluctuations. The company should be able to fix the prices of the roses throughout the year. This will not only help you deliver the best flowers in India but also be light on your pocket.

On-time and Efficient Flower Delivery across India

On-time delivery is an important deciding factor. Each moment on a special occasion is important. Everyone wants to enjoy each moment of the important day completely. If the online florist is not able to deliver the flowers in time, the purpose of sending online flowers would be defeated.

Hence the online florist should be able to deliver the flowers on time in all the cities in India. You can go through several testimonials and review to get the feedback about the delivery track record of the company.

The online florist,, has known for availability of a variety of flowers and proven track record of on-time flower delivery at economical prices. Consider the company while placing your orders to send flowers to India.

Gift Differently This Good Friday To Bring A Small Change

Good Friday Gifts

Everything has to be good about this day as it is Friday, after all. When celebration gets added to the day, it becomes a special day when one is expected to things different from the usual. Aside from prayers and attending the Church, what more can be done? For most of them, it is just an extra holiday added to the list and they surely can use a Friday day for a change. For the rest, it is time to get on with spring cleaning.

But, why not think differently and make the most of this holiday with your family and friends. There are so many things that can give you a quiet time while doing something good together.

Apart from the sending Good Friday gifts to India that we plan for our friends and relatives, we can take a step further and organize a small lunch for the less privileged.

Give the less privileged a ‘Good Friday’ for a change

We, often think of extending our hands to the ones who are missing out on the good life. So, why not give them a different Friday? They deserve a weekend that is all about good food and gifts so, organizing a special lunch for few of the street kids would be a great way. Not all the celebrations have to be about you, at times doing things unusual can give immense joy and peace. Small Good Friday gifts that these kids can use with good food will surely make a difference in their lives.

For, they cannot see a difference in the days, you can make a difference. This will be silly great and you do not have to get a whole bunch, just few could do.
The somber and solemn tone of the day will be an appropriate way to do give out the goodness to others. You surely will get numerous days to enjoy and celebrate, they, however, have been missing out on all of these days.

This is what is good about this ‘Good Friday’

If, you have been thinking what is ‘good’ about this Friday? Maybe, this is your answer. Going out and doing well to others will definitely make a good one for you. Move out of the general idea of celebration and include the ones who really need it. Their lives have been always about having less and not having anything. They could really use some celebration to move away from their regular days.

If, not something grand, you can always organize a giveaway with Good Friday gifts that can include fruit hampers, chocolates with some flowers to bring them to smile. This little something will be a lot for their special Friday. Making someone’s Friday good is the major message behind this day. It is all about having a quiet time and spending it with your loved ones. Well, extend this love for the ones who could really use it to bring a change in their daily life.

Mother’s Day Gifts That Can Make A Difference In Her Life

Mothers Day Gifts
While appreciation for parents should be a part of every day, these special occasions just give you a way to express it. You do not get a chance otherwise. Don’t take it as your duty to give Mother’s Day gifts or Father’s Day gifts, as these are your actual heroes. You might not see those making efforts, but, they are really trying hard to give you a better life than yesterday.

Mothers of all, give up on several other things that were once important to her in order to give you better conditions. This struggle goes on for years and at times they lose out on themselves to make you feel better. All of this, in exchange for nothing at all. Commendable, right? But, what could we actually do to make her feel valued for all of this? Is there a definite way to pay her back for all the things she does and it keeps growing?

Well, the answer to this has always been with you

With all our occupancies, we often fail to understand moms. What they really look for is sometimes that you could just spend with them. Listen and share. Look back, and think about the times you actually have given to your mom in the past few days. It would surely not go beyond the everyday greeting at the breakfast or dinner table. Now, think about changing it. It will surely take some time but, all for seeing a smile on her face. Plan a day around her with Mother’s Day Gifts that you get for her. Start from this day, and slowly you can make it a point to give some time to her each day.

Include the things that would not come in the way of your regular things

  1. Make her morning tea: She wouldn’t stop looking after the daily things. Your job is to make it easier for her. A cup of morning tea will just be a great idea to make her day. Spare a few minutes from your extended sleep time and do her this little favor, every day.
  2. Keep your room clean: Even, if you like it that way. It, surely does not qualify you as a human so, keep your room a little less messy. Few things here and there are alright, but, do not bring the whole wardrobe on your bed. She has got the whole house to look, give her a rest from reaching out to your room.
  3. Take care of your belongings: It is not doing any good to either of you if, you call out to her for everything. Keep your things where you can find them as they belong to you.

Mother’s Day gifts that can change her life

So, these simple things could make her life a lot less chaotic. Hence, start from a day, and it will slowly become a habit, replacing the already existing ones. You have been looking for unique mother’s day gifts. Well, these are the unique gifts that will bring a change to her life and all of this is very much attainable if you care a little less about you and a little more about her. A perfect gifts, isn’t it?

The Most Amazing Mouth Watery Cakes in India in Every Flavor

Cakes in India

We are the creatures with emotions and feelings and this is why from time to time we try to find out reasons to celebrate our happiness and joyous moments. We have so many days and events to celebrate in our lives, and we cannot happen to do it without the involvement of our loved ones. Our loved ones help us celebrate the occasion by sending mouth watering cakes in India.

Cake for Celebrating Important Occasions

We have several reasons to share our happiness. Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Promotion, etc. Each occasion, we celebrate with our loved ones. We enjoy each moment and cut a cake. No celebration is complete without a cake cutting ceremony. Cake remains the centre of attraction for all. That is why every one want the cake to be the best in appearance and taste. This gives an opportunity to all those who can not attend the party due to some reasons. They can send cake for the ceremony.

Send Cake from Online Bakery

Today, it is very easy to order online cake in India. A leading online bakery,, deliver online cake in more than 500 cities in India. We deliver the best cake from the best bakery of the locality. Earlier, even though it was possible to deliver the cake in metro cities. But it was not possible to deliver in remote cities. has specialization in delivering online cakes in the most remote areas of India. We deliver provide same day cake delivery in India and more than 300 remote cities and towns of India. There are several advantages of choosing the online cake delivery services.

Fresh Baked Delicious Cakes in India is a renowned name in online cake delivery in India. We have been delivering happiness since 2005. A rich experience in exceeding customer’s expectation has established as the best online bakers in India. The motto of the company is to deliver the best quality fresh cake on the time given by the customer in professional manner. The service is very prompt. The company delivers the cake within few hours of receiving the orders. You can place order for midnight cake delivery also to surprise your loved ones on their birthday and anniversary. No matter what time you place your order, you will always get the perfect taste and fresh aroma of the cakes.

Since it is very easy to send online cake, you should not miss any opportunity to surprise them on their important occasions. Let them know how much you love them and care for them. Your delicious gift with help build stronger relationships. Within few clicks, you can finish you order placement. Since it is online shopping, you view the products online. If you have any query, you can call the customer support. The website is available 24×7. When ever you get some time, you can book your cake at economical and affordable rate.

Eggless Cakes in all Flavors and Same Day Delivery

Another advantage of online cake delivery is availability of eggless cake and variety of flavours. If you have a personal preference, you can check with customer support whether it is possible to bake the cake according to your taste. The best selling cake that are available on the website are butterscotch, pineapple, strawberry, mango, chocolate truffle, fruit cake and red velvet cake. All these flavours are available in Eggless and with egg variants. You can select the best flavour according to the taste buds of you recipient and let us know. We will do the rest.

You can try the services of the Once the order to send cake to India is booked the delivery team puts its 100% effort to deliver the best quality cake on given time. Just place online order for cake delivery and enjoy the enjoy the most amazing mouth water cakes in India.