Gift These Top Traditional Sargi Gift Options for Your Daughter-in-law!

Sargi here is considered to be a part of the Karva Chauth where married women get assorted gifts by their mother-in-law in the early morning. This Sargi here comprises of delicious food and sweets which is basically loved by the daughter-in-law. She is said to have this right before sunrise and also before the fasting of Karva Chauth starts. However, the current trend being followed here is that mother-in-law’s now also included Indian Clothes and Jewelry in the Sargi too.

It is believed that married women here are supposed to dress-up in the most gorgeous and elegant looking traditional Indian clothes and Indian jewelry for the same. Hence, items related for a proper make-over are also included in the Sargi nowadays since a married woman needs to look magnificent on that particular day.

Look Out For Some Other Sargi Options:

Many of the people are now changing their perspective towards the gifting options as they personally feel that the world is changing today and so the traditional and old customs need to also change. Look at the options mentioned below and these options will definitely help everyone looking out for various Sargi gifts.

  • Offer her a Statue of God:
    Lord Ganesh here is considered to be that one person who blesses people with joy, prosperity and good luck. On this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, a statue of him can be gifted so that all the blessings of Ganesh fall on her. Apart from this, other options of elegant statues of various Gods and Goddesses can also be given in any form such as wooden, ceramic, glass, stone or any other composition. This all depends on the type of option you wish to go in for.
  • Personal care gifts or other options
    Along with such traditional items, you can also try adding some other items related to personal care such as cosmetics and other products. You can try adding in excellent personal care gift hampers for this occasion that may include a wide range of cosmetic products such as eye-liners, Kajal, foundation creams or powders and many other options. These are the right products that are just perfect to begin their day in a fantastic way.
  • Traditional Sweets
    You can also make this occasion a memorable one by adding in her favorite choice of mouth-watering chocolates and sweets in it.
    Many of the traditional sweets that can be included in this are Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Pedas, Soan Papdi and much more. You also now get to select these options online and send it to her especially if she is staying in another place. You can also try adding few dry fruits which in turn are a healthy dose and the perfect gift hamper that you can try giving to your daughter-in-law’s with a blend of health in it.

Gift these top traditional sargi gifts to your daughter-in-law on the occasion of Karwa Chauth and make this possible for them even if they are staying at any other location by including such items in it.